Emma Fielden is a contemporary artist who works across installation, drawing and sculpture. Having trained as a hand engraver and metalsmith, she has also practiced and exhibited in the field of contemporary jewellery and objects. Fielden's practice is an ongoing realisation of her interests in ideas spanning cosmology, the infinite and the infinitesimal, void, microcosm and macrocosm. Her works often reference the natural world, abstracting universal forms such as mountains and the night sky, in order to engage with a broad sense of cosmological truth. She works with materials such as iron oxide pigment, hand-crushed ferrite, magnets and ink, in such a way that materiality is a metaphor for matter at its most minute.

In 2016, Dominik Mersch Gallery hosted Fielden’s solo exhibition ‘Dark Matter’. In this body of work, Fielden worked with magnetism and microscopically detailed text drawings to investigate the invisible phenomenon of dark matter, the void, the cosmos and our place in it. Fielden's jewellery and object work has been shown in solo exhibitions with Gallery Funaki and Courtesy Of The Artist. Her work has been exhibited in group exhibitions in Australia and abroad at galleries such as Artspace Sydney, National Art School, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Jam Factory, Aaron Faber Gallery New York and SOFA Chicago.

Fielden recently won the Mayoral Award in the 2017 Paramor Prize at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre for her installation Mapping the Void and she was also a finalist in the prize for her work Axis Mundi: The Line and The Matter. In 2016 she was a finalist in The Blake Prize and Blacktown City Art Prize. In 2014 she won the main acquisitive prize in the National Contemporary Jewellery Award. She has been a recipient of an Australia Council New Work Grant (2013) and a NAVA NSW Artists Grant (2016). 

Fielden is currently in her second year as an artist in residence at Parramatta Artists Studios.