We are two molecules floating together in space and our distance is infinite… then the sound of birds, 2018, installation of stones in two states + performative action for two people, HD video 5:26 min. Developed and performed by Emma Fielden with guest performer Hanae Utamura at Art Omi Artists Residency, New York, USA. Filmed by Orkhan Huseynov.

"In the video, the two women sit facing one another, surrounded by two circles of stones and staring into each other’s eyes. Slowly, seemingly through some unspoken signal or cue, their hands float behind their backs. They begin to delicately scoop the encircling stones forwards, collecting them one at a time. As their hands travel towards the front, they push the stones up into a mound between them. The markers that defined their separation have been broken down and intermingled. They may not be together, but no longer are they so far apart.”
- Nadia Odlum, The only certainty is transformation: Emma Fielden’s changing states, The Art Life, November 2018.

“What is the distance between two points, between two stars, two mountains, two stones, two humans? Like two points in space or two points in time, can individuals ever really coexist in a mutual psychological space of true understanding? Can we get inside another person’s head, or are we ultimately separated by an infinitely divisible and uncrossable void?”
- Emma Fielden, 2018