Fielden's repetitively handwritten text drawings engage with ideas of prayer, devotional acts, indoctrination, obsession, longing and awe. 'Relics' is a series of text drawings where Catholic prayers are scribed by hand in dogmatic repetition, overwritten until they can no longer be read. In their making, the works evolve mark by mark, letter by letter, word by word, phrase by phrase. The sentiment of the prayers blurs, the words become unreadable, and the repetitive act gives rise to a rhythm unto itself. By their end the works are the sum of their history. They are the hope of prayer, fear and longing, quiet indoctrination. They are an infinite night sky, white noise, an abyss, a palimpsest, an obliteration, a relic.

Relics. 2016. Text drawings, archival ink on Fabriano paper, each 30x30cm.