Infinite is a set of three almost identical text drawings that explore the notion of the infinite. They are abstracted starscapes. The work engages with the sense of awe and wonder that we experience when looking out into the endless abyss of the night-sky, and our need for an understanding of our place in the cosmos.

Each of the three drawings is a handwritten decimal expression of one third, 0.33333...., an infinitely repeating decimal. In this way, the three thirds never quite resolve into a whole and singular one. 

The work takes its form from the Christian origin of the triptych. Having grown up Catholic and now having abandoned that faith, for Fielden the work is a meditation on the infinite based upon her memories and her now secular perspective.  In this work, Fielden considers religion as one of the ways in which we try to come to terms with our place in the cosmos. The work references devotional religious acts, and in it’s laborious, repetitive making it is itself a devotional act.

Infinite, text drawings (triptych), archival ink on Arches paper, each 50x50cm.