Mayoral Award in the Paramor Prize

Very happy to announce that I have won the Mayoral Award in the 2017 Paramor Prize for my site specific installation Mapping the Void. The work was first shown in my solo exhibition Dark Matter at Dominik Mersch Gallery in 2016 and was subsequently shown at Artspace for the Parramatta Artists Studios Ideas Platform group exhibition. My work Axis Mundi: The Line and The Matter is also a finalist.

Congratulations to the main prize winning duo Susannah Williams and Warren Armstrong, and to all the finalists. All the finalist works are on show at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre until 23 April - check it out!

Mapping the Void, iron oxide pigment, crushed ferrite magnets, neodymium magnets, linen thread, site specific installation at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre for the 2017 Paramor Prize.